Designing with the Living

Designing with the Living is a practice-based research course exploring the design process in collaboration with living organisms.
In the course, we will focus on how to work with other species in your practice. Each student will collaborate with either algae, roots, slime mould, mycelium or scoby.

Through close collaboration with your organism, you will develop an understanding of the possibilities and impossibilities of this living being. In the first phase of the course we will work on creating the right environment for your species and discover (observation) tools and methods (analogue and digital). In the second phase of the course a concept and prototype will be developed from the dynamic relationship between human, technology and living organism.

Designing with the living aims to experiment responsibly and cultivate a respectful collaboration beyond mere utilization of the other.
We encourage you to question your assumptions when engaging with living entities and to reflect on the ethical and experimental aspects of your work. You are encouraged to observe and remain curious, allowing space for unexpected outcomes and experiences.

Term: Summer 2024